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Empowered INsight® is about YOU


 Focus on Excellence

Blast through obstacles​

Live with freedom

Obliterate self-sabotage

Thrive in your potential

Get unstuck


Be part of an Event or participate in a Session

What clients are saying

I am fully alive, energized, and operating on a higher level in all aspects of my life. Michael B., Business Owner


Catherine's work is phenomenal and life changing. With her gentle, powerful, multi mediums of treatment, uniquely melded just to suit each person, healing on every level of being occurs. As a medical professional, 

health and healing are my business.   Christine A., RN FNP Integrative Health


Catherine and her skills are gifts that have opened up many possibilities for me, moving me forward through things I didn't know I could face.   Laurie J., Chiropractor

Empowered INsight® Sessions and Events

Sessions, either in person or over the phone, can blast through old stuck spaces. Move into heightened personal power while focusing on emotional, mental, and physical well-being on virtually every level of life.

Sessions incorporate a unique approach with Catherine's Skills & Abilities

Events are engaging, interactive, and unique, while offering training and ways to create excellence in life, personal empowerment, clarity, enhanced intuition, healing, growth, and Empowered INsight® 

I am not trying to lead you toward me ~ instead, I hope to lead you towards yourself.

I hope to touch your life in such a way, that as I reach out to you and touch your Soul, your heart illuminates the world around you with the Light of your BEing.

Author Unknown


Currently distance/phone sessions are the primary option and can be done from anywhere. They are incredibly effective.

(Generally in person sessions are in Missouri and By Appointment Only.) 

Depending upon need, Catherine may travel to local hospitals, hospice, rehab centers, etc. 

Event locations vary - Contact Catherine at 314-795-7325 to Host an Event

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