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Sales & Events

Empowered items to 

Enhance energy and space


Catherine's Empowered sale items include:

Essential oil blends, energetically charged crystals, crystal glass water bottles with insulated carrier, and various sized crystal skulls. 


Essential Oils: One drop of these essential oils can be transcending. Their name speaks to their attributes: Clearing, Core, Fighter, Focus, Grounding, I AM, Joy, Mystical, Peace, Refresh, Sacred, Stability, as well as the creation of Personalized Oils.


Crystals have an energy about them. By meditating or engaging with them, we can have or develop the capacity to shift our energy and awareness rather quickly in ways which are amplified in their presence.  The crystal water bottles are believed to 'charge' the water which surrounds them, thus infusing this energy into our physical and energetic body. The crystal skulls can relay information, akin to a computer retaining and transmitting energy/information, allow space for healing, harmony, and insight.


“I was at Catherine's studio purchasing some of her wonderful oils and the most amazing thing happened! … he (King - Catherine's personal healing crystal skull) indicated he wanted to heal me. He said my third eye was blocked and he cleared the blockage … It was a moving and, of course, miraculous experience. Catherine has several beautiful natural stone skulls (I own three of them myself) and they bring wonderful energy to your home and your life. The skull that spontaneously helped me was about 50 pounds and stunning. The experience was so loving and nurturing …” Karen S.


  • Empowered INsight Activation Journeys and Events are tailored to the audience. No two experiences are alike.
  • Catherine's approach is sincere, engaging, authentic, Lighthearted, compassionate, informative, and interactive
  • Practical, everyday experiences are referenced for greater understanding, personal empowerment, and create win-win-win dynamics 
  • This work embodies all components of life in unique and engaging ways with new and expanded perspectives
Retreat Opportunities

Retreats are co-created with interested parties and/or created by Catherine


Activation Events

An Activation is a highly impactful group event I facilitate, focusing on Expanding Consciousness.

Contact me if you are interested in participating 314-795-7325

“The Activation was truly magic! … everything in my life that wasn’t working came to the surface … Now …  everything in my world is better than before the Activation. I have more synchronicity … experiencing a calm confidence … I hear my spirit guides … giving me answers to many of my questions. I feel surrounded by love.”   Georgia


"I am in a calm realization … So much to take in …Truly a spiritual experience I will never forget.”   Karen

“The Activation … was one of the most dynamic, powerful and truly life changing experiences I have had …   The night of the activation was magical however over the next many weeks I have uncovered new parts of me and grown to an awesome level of freedom! Finding these new parts of me have allowed me to develop a confidence in myself I never could have imagined … It was truly a sacred experience.”   Leslie


Prior Events


​Creating Loving Relationships


* Create and Foster Kind, Honest, Sincere, and Loving Relationships on All Levels

* Learn Specific Techniques that Work

* Draw Loving Relationships to You

* Explore a Journey into Self-Discovery


Manifest Now!

* Boost Abundance in Multiple Areas of Life

* Remove Blocks and Self-Sabotage

* Create with Intention

* Be In Charge with Ease and Flow

Develop Intuition

* Discover various types of Intuition ~ Over 20% of people have strong degrees of it)

* Develop your unique Abilities

* Manage Abilities with Ease

* Intuitive Insights



Narcissists - Don't be Manipulated

* Step into Your Power ~ See through the illusion

* Deal with Narcissists Responsibly, Practically, and Successfully



Intuition Opening and Upgrade

* Open & Upgrade Psychic/Intuitive Abilities

* Create an Energy Ball

* Actively Participate in Personal Healing


Near Death Experience ~ includes a Panel Discussion who experienced a NDE

* Glimpse into the life of those who crossed over and came back

* Hear how returning from Near Death Experiences changed, transformed, and empowered lives

* Join Catherine Millman with a panel of individuals who will be sharing their NDE impact.

Empowerment Through Adversity

* Dual program discussing ways to be Empowered during difficult times

* Ways to control how these adversities effect your life

* Find the good in the worst of situations

Dawn Christman's book, "A State of Grace ~ A Grieving Mom's Story of Finding Comfort and Peace", speaks to how to rise above. The murder of her 19 year old son, Bobby, overcoming aggressive cancer, and being in a State of Grace is shared, as well as Catherine Millman's INsights including the impact of being a Medium for the Christman family   

Past Lives and Soul Connections

* Touch upon documented research that supports Past Lives

* Transformational impacts of those Catherine worked with, and her personal experiences and process

* Uncover fears to glean the strength from the past and become empowered within the timelines of the Soul

Enter the World of a Medium

* Uplift your perceptions through the vantage point of someone who traverses from life to death, and back again

* Embark upon an interactive journey into conscious awareness with Catherine Millman

* Conversations from an Intuitive Medium’s perspective, experience, methods of communication, and techniques 

* Angels and Guides will be covered too!

Protection and Personal Empowerment

* How to Protect Your Energy Field and Emotional and Physical Body from outside forces

* Utilize your unique energy for Empowerment and Creating Win-Win-Win Outcomes

* Assist in creating ways to raise your vibrational frequency and handle a myriad of situations simply and easily

* Utilize  practical and powerful techniques

Pet Communication​

* Connect with your pet Past or Present

* You may bring your pet, a photo of your pet(s), and/or your memories

Feel free to record your session or take notes

Being an Empath and Loving It!

* Discuss various types of Empaths and their abilities, along

* How these abilities lead to personal empowerment and positivity

* Participate in fun and lighthearted exercises to enhance your awareness

* Being an Empath can be your greatest asset and Gift in creating the quality of life you desire, love, and deserve!





1) Contact Catherine at 314-795-7325.

2) Decide on the service (such as a Session or Event), fee, and date (incorporating your preference of day, afternoon, or evening).

3) We connect at the previously agreed date and time. It is convenient to have your list of goals ready. Feel free to record the Session on your device. Please read the Legal Disclaimer noted below.

4) For phone Sessions, the client initiates the call for our scheduled Session. It is helpful to text your name, address, email, phone number(s), and DOB prior to our time together. Medical information will be covered and can be sent prior to, or during the Session itself. 


Payment   (Gratuity is not expected, yet graciously received)

$130/hour phone             $70/30 minutes phone             $150/hour in-person (Limited opportunities)            Group Session - pricing varies


Venmo (CatherineMillman), Zelle (314-795-7325), Cash, PopMoney, and Check payable to Catherine Millman, are preferred.

  Square and PayPal are available. PayPal is the "Donate" button below. Please use the Friends and Family option if possible. 

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