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SESSIONS can blast through old stuck spaces and move you into heightened personal power, emotional, mental, and physical well-being on virtually every level incorporating my Skills & Abilities. They can be done in person or over the phone. 

Catherine Millman is as close to a Miracle Worker as I have ever met!

Joan K., Certified Hypnotherapist

The Flow of a Session

Distance/phone sessions include a wide array of healing and intuitive techniques, noted in the Skills & Abilities page. I utilize my Empath ability to quickly get to the core of the work we shall do together. Sessions are interactive and can feel timeless. It may be done in the comfort in your own home to literally anywhere in the world. It is truly beyond time and space. To schedule, you would contact me at the agreed upon date and time. It is helpful to text me your:  name, address, email, and DOB prior to the Session. It could include medical information, or this could wait until we speak.


In person sessions occur in rare situations and upon my discretion. They can be done in a facility depending upon the situation or in my healing space. Therapies and skillsets are noted in the Skills & Abilities page and may include Light, crystal, aromatherapy, and vibrational therapies.

When we begin I connect with your field. Think of your field as a personal world wide web. This field harbors your life's experiences which have no boundaries of time. The next step is clearing your field, which basically means to create a clean slate, free of challenges you may have worked through and unhealthy connections from others who are connected or attached to you.

If you have questions or want clarity, be sure to ask them at that time. The information typically disappears from my consciousness as soon as the insights are relayed and when the session ends. A great deal of information, techniques to apply outside of our session, and resources are often provided.

Through intuitive guidance, a multitude of actions occur simultaneously. Blocks are revealed and transmuted. Positive dynamic change is brought forth, your personal power is enhanced, and a great deal more. Each session is unique because it meets you where you are at every point of time. This offers a healthy new foundation throughout our time together and progressively with each subsequent session. Once something is addressed, it is immediately in the past. The work is instantaneous and in the present moment of time. The positive changes ripple out effecting an intricate web of bio-energetic connections. No longer are you a prisoner of your past. You become a co-creator of your future!

Empaths physically feel what someone else is experiencing in her own body/system, therefore this work can go to core situations quickly. It can be physical, mental, and/or emotional. For me, it is irrelevant when the experience occurred. In addition, I work with many Empaths or Sensitives to assist them in managing their abilities and establishing Healthy Boundaries. To learn more, visit the Skills & Abilities page.

My intuitive work expands to the consciousness of one's Higher Self. I function as a bridge of communication. Utilizing these skills to communicate in a variety of ways, offers you an opportunity to move forward with greater ease, joy, and purpose in creating your life.

Whatever presents itself in our session is kept in the utmost confidence. The insights I receive are to the extent which assists you in achieving your goals and understanding. Once in a great while I will follow up with additional insights or remember components of it, but typically it waits for your next session. Oftentimes for those with trauma, the challenging emotions and their triggers can dissipate or disappear. The memory may still be there, but it no longer holds power.

I walked in one person and 15 minutes later I was forever changed.

Pamela N., Sound Healer

Empowered INsight® expands into the Consciousness

I function as a bridge of communication offering an opportunity to move forward with greater ease, joy, and purpose. Oftentimes for those with trauma, the challenging emotions and their triggers can dissipate or disappear. The memory may still be there, but it no longer holds power.

Time and space are not defining factors. I offer distance work and have never met some of my clients in person. While in Missouri, the furthest Distant Coaching Session was in India, where I assisted in problem solving for a job, and the furthest Distant Physical Session was a healing in Germany to overcome back pain.  A variety of healing techniques can include Medical Intuitive and Medium insights. It can work in tandem with, and support one's spiritual beliefs, psychotherapies, Traditional medical professions, and the sciences, or be completely independent from them.

The choice of when to schedule the next session is always in your hands. It has been my observation that those who choose this work on a regular basis make tremendous strides in their overall wellness and personal development. I also observe that once the session is 'in the books' i.e. scheduled, the energetic connections and shifts begin. In this way you are prepared for the work we do.

Empowered INsight Sessions can be received as a distance treatment, scheduled in the office (which is temporarily being relocated), and depending upon the proximity and situation, be done in hospitals, nursing homes, cancer support centers, hospice locations, and long term care or rehab facilities.


Scheduling and Payment



1) Contact Catherine at 314-795-7325.

2) Decide on the service (such as a Session or Event), fee, and date (incorporating your preference of day, afternoon, or evening).

3) We connect at the previously agreed date and time. It is convenient to have your list of goals ready. Feel free to record the Session on your device. Please read the Legal Disclaimer noted below.

4) For phone Sessions, the client initiates the call for our scheduled Session. It is helpful to text your name, address, email, phone number(s), and DOB prior to our time together. Medical information will be covered and can be sent prior to, or during the Session itself. 


Payment   (Gratuity is not expected, yet graciously received)

$130/hour phone             $70/30 minutes phone             $150/hour in-person (Limited opportunities)            Group Session - pricing varies


Venmo (CatherineMillman), Zelle (314-795-7325), Cash, PopMoney, and Check payable to Catherine Millman, are preferred.

  Square and PayPal are available. PayPal is the "Donate" button below. Please use the Friends and Family option if possible. 

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