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Skills & Abilities


My Skills and Abilities tend to reach the core of an issue allowing for direct and effective resolutions

After two sessions with Catherine, the lump on the right side of my neck, which had been present for well over 4 months, completely disappeared and the pain was gone."

Jacque J., Fraud & Forensic

"I felt like the weight of the world had been released from my entire body!"

Julie S., Massage Therapist and Healer


"Catherine Millman is the Real Deal"

Anne F., RN Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist

Types of Sensitives and Intuitives


(I have ALL of the types noted below reflected in my unique ways)

  • Empath: An Empath is someone who feels and/or experiences someone or the energy of something else as their own. Oftentimes it is a sudden, immediate physical and/or emotional shift with no apparent reason. The majority of Empaths are misdiagnosed and medicated. Being an Empath is one of the most challenging qualities of a Sensitive.
    • Physical: Feeling the pain, illness, or condition of someone else in their own body
    • Emotional: Picking up on another’s emotions which feels like your own, oftentimes with a strong mood swing that seems to come from nowhere
    • Psychometric or Clairtangency: Receives information, such as feelings, experiences or memories, from objects
  • Intuitive/Sensitive: A heightened sense of awareness or knowing. These traits are not necessarily defined by traditional space and time.
  • Telepath: The ability to know or hear another’s thoughts and ideas, either as a general awareness or verbatim (word for word)
  • Medium: My definition includes connecting with those who passed away, Guardian Angels, Angelic Realms, Higher Self, Consciousness Connections, Animals, and Expanded Spaces (including those with dementia, in a coma, and with special needs)
  • Psychic, Seer, Precognitive, or Claircognizance: Someone who has a 'knowing' and/or feeling, without any base knowledge, that something is going to happen. The information comes to you without your intention or direction.
  • Seer or to Scry: The ability to tap into future possibilities. For me, this is not an absolute, however it is an opportunity. An opportunity to make healthy and wise choices for what is shown when directing attention/energy to it. I do not use objects with this ability. The term Psychic may also apply.
  • The Clair's, meaning clear
    • Claircognizance: Clear knowing - Generally the knowing comes from 'no-where' and there is a strong sense of awareness
    • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing - Oftentimes it is done through the 'mind's eye', similar to a visual memory
    • Clairaudience: Clear hearing - Similar to a thought in your voice or of another's, like someone is speaking to you
    • Clairsentience: Clear feeling - A heightened awareness and/or amplification of feelings. Emotional Empaths have this
    • Clairgustiance: Clear tasting - When not ingesting or physically tasting something, the experience of taste is palatable       (I can taste the medicine someone might be on, metals, food, or an aftertaste with treatments such as chemotherapy)
    • Clairalience: Clear smelling - This is similar to Clairgustiance, and can include perfume, smoke, food, etc. even though the specific cause of smell is not in the room. It can occur when someone who passed on, is coming through.
    • Clairtangency: Clear touching - Information and/or perceptions are received when touching an object. Psychometric Empaths have this ability, however a clairtangence Sensitive does not necessary have to be an Empath.
  • Geomantic: Someone who is deeply connected to the earth and oftentimes can be impacted by significant changes, such as earthquakes, tsunami’s, solar flares, and feeling the amplified energy of lay-lines or experience energy vortexes
  • Fauna: Includes the ability to hear, understand, communicate, and/or feel animals
  • Flora: Being highly in-tuned with nature and may be exceptionally good with plants via a knowingness and/or communication. Examples could be knowing it needs water or sunlight without checking the soil, or perhaps sensing the health of the plant.

I witness miracles in my work!


Clients and Event attendees soar to their excellence, enhance their quality of life, overcome physical challenges, recover from deep trauma, experience peace and clarity, plus so much more


Every Session and Event is unique with the potential for phenomenal transformation


Did You Know...

  • Our bodies retain memories in our cells – Cellular Memory
  • Our heart has 5x's more electromagnetic frequency than our brains, thus positive feelings have a greater impact than thoughts
  • Our gut, brain, and heart have a similar type of 'intelligence'
  • 20+% of our population are people who have a heightened level of intuition or sensitivity, which I call being a 'Sensitive'
  • If being a Sensitive is in your family, there is a 90% likelihood you and your lineage will be too
  • Most people who are Sensitive’s have no idea that they are!!!

Understanding Being a Sensitive

Positive traits of a Sensitive are many once the individual understands and learns to manage this Gift. Being a Sensitive can assist one in coming from a place of understanding, diffuse challenging situations, and be more compassionate. It can help one to make safe and appropriate decisions, especially in an unknown or all-to-familiar environment. Clear discernment can be at an all-time high. With the appropriate training, one can acquire the ability to tune down, turn off, adjust, or amplify the heightened awareness/experience. These abilities, when consciously directed, can offer the opportunity to develop great people skills and to come from a compassionate heart. The skills I teach are relatively easy to do and can be life-changing. I work with people of all ages. For children, I work directly with them and assist their loved ones in understanding the child's unique qualities and new ways to problem solve with them.

Decades of not knowing that I was a Sensitive were quite challenging to say the least. However, once understanding the traits and creating ways to function, cope, and ultimately excel with them have been a tremendous life-changing experience. Being a Sensitive is in my lineage and has been developed through years of training, research, and what I now call 'Gifts'. From being a Medical Intuitive, to talking with Angels & Guides, to having what some call Healing Hands … My life is truly a World of Wonder.

Are You a Sensitive?

* Can you tell ahead of time that something is, or is not, right or have a sense of when something is about to happen?

* Are you highly emotional or have strong gut feelings?

* Do you have trouble being in crowds?

* Do people come up to you and share profound or intimate details of their life? Especially people you don't know!

* Do you frequently hear: “You’re being too sensitive”?

* Are there times when you’re going about your day and suddenly have a change physically or emotionally?

* Are your dreams extremely vivid at times and feel real?

* Do you have a sense that someone or something is close by even though no one is perceivably there?

* Do you feel like you don't fit in or belong here?

If any of the above questions are true for you, then perhaps YOU are a Sensitive. Everyone has the opportunity to heighten or manage these abilities. Some are born with a highly developed state, others become more sensitive as life goes on, and some block this ability (via trauma, being overwhelmed, medication, or a stubborn/stuck mindset). Often times it becomes highly activated in puberty or in a significant life-changing experience. If you are a Sensitive, know you have a choice of how the world effects you and the positivity you can bring to yourself as well as the world around you. There are tools to assist you in managing this and ultimately, it can be one of the greatest gifts in your life! You are not alone. I can help.

In general, Sensitives may have varying degrees of one or more of the above mentioned abilities

The intensity and combinations of these abilities create unique challenges and strengths

Our challenges: We often have no idea it is a unique quality we possess. We tend to be misdiagnosed and medicated, self-medicate, and/or block our innate abilities entirely, in order to manage our experiences. Most effected are Empaths and Mediums.  All of us tend to be amplifiers. This means that whatever is going on, is felt and/or experienced more strongly in us than in other people. Children as well as adults, tend to be told that they are wrong, shamed, dismissed, bullied, and can be a magnet for narcissists, toxic, or unhealthy people.


Great News: It is possible to develop and manage such abilities. When one has an understanding and skills to manage them, it can be an amazing Gift. We can create win-win-win scenarios, be phenomenal listeners, hold deep compassion, and be incredibly supportive to ourselves and others, as well as bring healing, insight, and zest to life. Knowing what we know, we can create impeccable healthy boundaries along with kindness to All. As a Sensitive, we have tremendous opportunity to amplify positivity. You are not alone! Empowered INsight Events along with Healing Sessions can show you how.

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